Friday, October 8, 2010

The new improved ipod nano

Apple are after really taking the word nano seriously with this new thumb screen its a mere 1.54-inch 240 * 240 capacitive multitouch LCD display. It has incorporated the same multi-touch technology used in  the iPhone, iPad and iTouch. It looks slimmer, smarter and newer and makes your old ipod look obsulete making a upgrade essential.  

Apple seem to have got rid of features instead of having significant additions which works well with the device. It still has FM radio, voice recorder, fitness functions even though doesnt have your pictures you can veiw album art efficiently. They have turned it into a dedicated music playing device and it does this effectively and efficiently and while looking extravegent with its anodized alluminium and seven bright colours. The only fault with the nano seems to be you cant immediately turn it off, only put it to sleep (for 36 hours then it powers off) and while sleeping it consumes battery life a small minor issue but still the new ipod nano is a must get in music player devices.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

FET Enterprise Ireland Conference

This conference informed us about the Seventh Framework Program of Ireland by Stephen O'Reilly. He was quick to mention their 9 Billion Budget for the seven year program. He discussed their different approaches to new projects and how we could propose an idea to them and in which category. It seemed more of a informative recruiting process than explaining new technologies as what I expected, so was let down in that sense but found all the figures quiet extravagant and exciting to think that this is a low time for the global economy but not emerging technologies. 

They seem to be open to all sorts of ideas from technical to "Wacky" in the department of emerging technologies and also impressively encourage graduates to apply to their young explorers scheme only accessible to people who acquired their degree within 6 years . To find out more about them go to

Skypes New Android App

Skype is finally available on Android phones all you have to do is download their app ( so we can all save money while keeping in touch. The new app allows you to make free Skype-to-Skype calls, and send and receive IMs for FREE!!! It only works over 3G and over Wi-Fi in the U.S. it was designed to support both globally so they have a few issues to solve to be fully accepted by everyone but the future looks promising :)