Tuesday, November 9, 2010

“Texas Holdem: Poker Hand Odds Calculator”
It will be a poker advantage calculator, it will calculate a players winning ratio and normalizes the winning ratio relative to the number of players. An advantage calculator provides a normalized value between -100% and +100% describing a players winning chance in a locked domain.

Research & Design Methodologies

Other Similar iPhone Apps
68 other poker apps in the app store. The oldest ones just calculated pre-flop percentages or calculated two player game odds. There have been 5 new apps released since I started researching the topic and 11 out of the 68 updated with new features so these apps are still popular. I hope to combine all the major functionality of the other apps as from looking through the app store no app has a timer, payout structure, poker hand table percentages and most importantly the hand percentage for pre-flop, the flop, the turn and the river. I didn’t see any app that gives a user feedback on their games progress for example the amount of hands they folded, won, lost either so I wish to incorporate this into my app.

Calculations for calculating percentage
I bought a book called Texas Hold’em Odds by Catalin Barboinanu. This book gives details on how to calculate the percentages of a poker hand winning the hand in question

Design Methodologies
I'm going to follow Human Interface Design on the Apple website

Aims & Objectives
Create an iPhone app that does the following
  •      Calculates percentage of the hand, updates the percentage
  •      Gives user odds of all hands
  •      Has a game timer
  •      Hand Strength Table
  •      Payout Structure
  •      Game Stats
Week Ending

Learnt the SDK for iPhone by reading books and completing tutorials on YouTube

Have aims and objectives clarified with Trevor Hogan
Decide on what the app shall look like by following a set of frameworks

Make first working prototype of the app
It shall do the basic functions of calculating the percentages in a locked domain

Make second prototype with another view giving a user more information about their game of poker such as stats of the game

Ensure the design follows the Human Interface Design

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