Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Creating The Application

I have been searching the web for the past few weeks for tutorials, explanations even just advice on how to make a city building simulation game with no joy. With thanks to the gotoandplay website website I have come across OpenSpace a multi-player virtual worlds engine. OpenSpace is a powerful framework for the Flash platform for rapid development of isometric multiplayer virtual worlds and MMO communities. The OpenSpace engine leverages the power of ActionScript 3 and SmartFoxServer, offering an unprecedented level of features and customizations to make your virtual world look unique. OpenSpace allows the creation of advanced map architectures, including bridges and overpasses, with separate background layer for the best control over the map graphical appearance; it offers an advanced map scrolling engine which maximizes the rendering performance and allows the creation of larger maps. OpenSpace makes use of an extended breadth-first pathfinding algorithm which is able to handle tile elevation, slopes and different terrains; it gives the developer full control over the avatar creation process, disclosing countless possibilities.

An example of a game created on OpenSpace is.......

The Settlers – My City is Blue Bytes new addition to "The Settlers" series, now playable on Facebook. Build the most beautiful looking cities and prosperous productions. Explore the wide regions of the surrounding sectors and find new resources. Invite your friends and help each other build thriving economies. Solve quests with the help of your friends. Become the ruler of your own blossoming kingdom!

I'am only beginning to use the software but it seems promising and should know in a day or two if it is what I need but from playing the settlers and reading about OpenSpace I'am confident I will be able to begin my first prototype on schedule.

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