Thursday, March 17, 2011

Game Builder Studio

GameBuilder Studio
During my research into PushButton Engine and learning its techniques I came across GameBuilder Studio in the showcase of things made with PushButton Engine. GameBuilder Studio applies PushButton Engine's modular approach towards flash game development it makes it easy to use the approach doing all the coding for you making it easier for you to develop your game.
GameBuilder Studio is the first and only “End-to-End”, flash based game editor for professional developers, game studios and educational institutions. It is equipped with the necessary tools for developers to build isometric flash games similar to Farmville & Social City or 3D games and deploy them directly to iPhone, Android, and Facebook, without having to start from the ground up, increasing developer productivity, and cutting down on development time and cost. The simplicity of its user interface allows for in-experienced game developers to jump right in and start creating but provides more experienced game developers with the ability to add enhanced features as needed using the editors plugin API and sell those plugins on the open market place.

It is only in Beta version at the moment and the developers are sending out beta versions to developers to test them and provide feedback. I inquired to the head develop Lavon Woods to see if GBS was suitable for my project and could I get a beta version.

Hey Lavon,

I'am a student in Ireland doing a project that will create a basic version of a
social game such as Farmville, My Town etc I have been learning
Push Button Engine but after coming across Game Builder Studio I think it would
be perfect to complete the project. Would it be suitable for
my type of project? If so could I receive a beta version of Game Builder Studio?


His response......

Hi Shane,

Yes GBS would be perfect for what you are working on, unfortunatly we are currently not sending out any invites, there is currently a waiting list. When we send out another update in the coming weeks, we will be hand picking individuals that we can work closely with to test GBS. I will add you to the list. Thanks for your interest.

Lavon Woods (Lead Architect & Founder)

His response confirmed my first taught that GBS is perfect to create my game but I wont be able to use it as I wont get a beta version in time to use it for my project this could have saved me a lot of work and time that I could be using on some other aspect of the project

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