Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BlackBerry's Playbook Look but dont touch

This slick looking device will be out in the US in early 2011 and it'll go International in the second quarter of the year,so we will have to wait for awhile to get our hands on it but I cant wait. BlackBerry are going to bring out the PlayBook in three versions : 16GB, 32GB and a 64 GB version. It will also have a 5300 mAh battery so it's going to at least equal if not better tablet rival's. The tablet measure's 5.1" * 7.6" * 0.4" and weights in at a staggering 400grams. The Playbook will be able to bring user's a "full web experience" with its fully hardware accelerated version of Flash 10.1. For all ye developers out there ye will be able to build Flash and AIR-based apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook on top the likes of Java and Web API's. Developers can begin their adventure with this amazing tablet as soon as today

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