Monday, October 18, 2010

Xbox 360 Kinect

The end of those annoying cords people are always stepping on and pulling in the middle of your game, no need to get up off the couch any more either with its motion sensors control it with your hands and voice. In early demo's you had to be standing for the Kinect to function because its sensor was keying off the base node located at the bottom of the spine to create its skeletal models but recently Microsoft updated its software libraries to key off the base of the neck so a player can be seated during game play. This is according to Andrew Oliver (Blitz Games Studios co-founder and CTO) when he gave an interview to Eurogamer stating that the current Kinect titles wont have this effect but there shouldn't be any issue for future games. I can only see a bright  future for the Kinect and looking forward to playing it. Its being released this November and all pre-orders are all already booked out. 

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