Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ice-resistant Road

People imprisoned in their houses due to awful road conditions during the festive season  could soon come to an end. It is all thanks to this new innovative ice-resistant road has been invented by a group of Harvard University scientists. The leader of the group Joanna Aizenberg explains "What we want to do is to have ice not form at all". It is a surface material that wont allow ice to form on it up to temperatures as low as -30 degrees. The idea was inspired by the unsuspecting eyes of a mosquito and nanotechnology. They use millions of silicon bristles to prevent the water droplets spreading on the surface so they wont freeze as easily. What happens on our roads at the moment the water droplets hit the road spreads across the road and grips and ultimately becoming the base for aggregation of more droplets and finally a hazardous sheet of ice. The scientist's solution prevents the water droplets spreading, it in turn prevents it from creating ice patterns and creating a sheet of ice. The scientists are only beginning to test the nanotechnology in real world scenarios. This technology could be the key for deicing any issues from road paving to power transmission in the future if it can be manufactured feasibly.

Via: Yahoo News

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