Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Device to measure a persons fitness regime

From my research there seemed to be four main options to accurately measure the exercise a person claims to undertake. 

1. Heart Rate Monitor
  • Very easy accessible and cheap
  • Can upload information to he internet
  • Used by athletes to condition or improve performance
  • Can be affected by stress
  • Used for tactical training
  • Used for motivation already connected to a watch giving immediate feedback to user
  • If used near another heart rate monitor can give false reading  
The major bonus of heart rate monitors is the fact it can be uploaded to the internet already, but I don't think it would give an accurate reading for resemble a workout as stress effects it also.

2. Pedometer
  • Counts number of steps a person takes
  • It is worn throughout the day by a person
  • Constant update of how steps you have taken
  • Most basic pedometer is the spring-levered pedometer
  • Piezo-electric pedometer (accelerometer) more accurate than spring-levered pedometers
  • GPS pedometer
This device has numerous advantages can be uploaded to the internet, gives accurate reading but all it is doing is measuring steps undertook in a day which to athletes wouldn't be considered as a workout.

3. Telematics
This is a GPS system measuring distance is possible for cycling, running etc. It is a good system to measure distance and speed for a user but a user would have to undertake long hard exercise regimes to give the system useful feedback.

4. Skipping Counter
  • Gives accurate amount of skips taken
  • Calculates calorie lose
  • Motivates a user by itself already
  • 70-110 calories in 10mins
  • 600-900 calories in 1 hour
  • Cheap and easy accesible
  • Upload to the internet unknown
This seems to be a suitable device as it measures accurately already is motivational and is not a daunting task for some one to attempt. I'm still not sure if it can be uploaded to the internet I have emailed a few producers of the product to see if it is possible.

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