Sunday, November 21, 2010

My iPhone App Progress

Monday 15th
Read up on Human Interface Guidelines
Still was comparing view based vs control based screens

Tuesday 16th
Understanding the Moveme examples
- touchesMoved
- touchesBegan
- touchesEnded
- touchesCancelled

I downloaded the sample code of the apple website so I could see what it does in the simulator

Wednesday 17th
Decided to go with a root controller as with the classes its a more structured setup as each view has their own class. If i selected view based it wouldn't have been as organised. I had to make examples of each option to fully understand them.

Thursday 18th 2:00 - 9:30
 I began the payout structure. A user would enter the pot amount then select how many players they wish to payout the screen would divide the pot amount adequately.

It took me around 3-4 hours to get used to the objective C syntax properly this involved referencing to objective C books and doing tutorials online. Even just learning the protocols of working with the iphone interface builder and objective C was challenging for example I had to convert values from the interface builder into int or strings from NSNumber or NSString and then convert them back this was learnt the hard way as I investigated the code error by error finally learning the issue. This wouldn't be an issue for a normal developer as they would have been taught iphone development I'm only learning from youtube tutorials and online blogs. of I overcame numerous obstacles and learnt from my mistakes by the end of that night. 

Friday 19th 12:00-6:00
I completed the payout structure (another 2 hours). I also created a money border in fireworks the backgrounds for each screen will be challenging for me and might need assistance to give it a professional look. I then began the blinds screen I created 2 arrays to hold the blind values and used a slider for the user to change them. I must now start on using a blinds timer and I want have an alert when each blind over.

I'am on schedule as my first prototype has 1 screen fully functional and have begun the second prototype already. As I become more familiar with objective C and the interface builder the faster and more efficient i become in iphone development. 

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