Thursday, November 25, 2010

Boundary Work I - Technology in practice between art and science

This Art Exhibition was displayed in Wandesford Quay Gallery between Friday 12th November to the 27th of November and was coordinated by Paul Green. The exhibition was separated into three areas. 
  1. Scientists who produce images as a by-product of their research activity.
  2. Artists who use tools or methods associated with the practice of science .
  3. Designers who examine how technologies are redefined through their use in everyday situations.
The exhibition is the first in a series of exhibitions to display artwork that is a mediator between art and science. Boundary Work I is to fill the gap between art and science with the use of technology as a common medium. What I liked about the exhibition was the fact you have images of artists which were done specifically as an artwork and probably done so carefully and precisely next to images from scientists that were only a by-product of their research and would usually be disposed after their basic use but instead their treated as pieces of art. There is a few picture of some of the work below for more information visit their website here

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