Tuesday, November 23, 2010

HP's Multitasking Printer

This is the new HP Envy 100 with the usual expected functionality Print Scan Copy but with a twist Web! You connect to the wi-fi and you are able to have the ability to use ePrint. This is allowing a user access to wireless printing via email. This device comes with apps. Apps with a printer sure its not one of those new high tech tablets? Well HP claims "With the Envy, you'll have your apps, and like them!". These apps can be accessed on the elegant LCD touchscreen that will present numerous preloaded apps. As with most apps you have useful ones and time waster ones such as the Tic-Tac-Toe game. It useful ones are very helpful tho in contrast, there is an Google map app so you can quickly print out a map instead of going finding it on your desktop and going through all the hassle involved in the process. Also there is another nice little perk with this it comes in a tote bag in comparison to that disastrous wasteful packaging associated with printers.  
                                                                            Okay now to see does it do the simple things a Print Scan Copy device is expected to do. The device only has a capacity of 80 sheets a time  and  a mere two-ink-cartridge bay which in turn produces average to say the least photo quality which is disappointing. It only prints 4.5 pages per minute. Copying and scanning and very easy accomplished and complexity is kept to a minimum. The Envy 100 will cost you $250 making it expensive when compared to similar devices. The ePrint option and the possibility of getting some quiet useful apps the Envy 100 would be worth splashing out for if you can utilize these features.
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