Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nostromo's New PC Gaming Keypad

Razor are ready to evolve PC-gaming with this new extravagant control pad.  Razor has collaborated with Belkin once again to try change PC-gaming once again. They previously collaborated to create the hugely successful n52e Speedpad and the Nostromo is an updated version of the n52e Speedpad so it can stay updated with today's gaming technology. The Nostromo boasts unlimited macro lengths (thanks to the new chipset and driver combination), ability to now store up to 20 profiles (compared to only 10 in the Speedpad) and impressively the capability of switching between 8 key maps along with customizable 8-way directional thumb pad and scroll wheel. This a must get if your a hardcore gamer and can be bought for an affordable 69.99euro.

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