Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Applied Game Design

Core Statement

A casual social city-building simulation game as an application for the social networking website Facebook.

Feature Set

  • The game allows a Facebook member to become Major of a virtual city and to oversee its development into a large metropolis
  • The player performs tasks such as construction and collecting rent which uses energy points and money.
  • Energy is built up by the amount of steps a user registers every day on the android application (pedometer)
  • Money is used for construction of buildings. A user is given $100,000,000 at the beginning of the application. A user generates money after that from collecting rent from the buildings they have created.
  • Rent raises higher through the levels
  • A user gets through levels by gaining experience points (XP). XP can be gathered by performing tasks from the an objective and  by constructing buildings. An objective is complied by a group of tasks.
  • By completing objectives a user earns gold. Gold is used to buy government buildings. Certain government buildings are necessary to pass a level.
  • Gold can also be earned by performing extra physical activities (swimming, cycling etc). When a user performs a physical activity on a day they report it to the application giving details such as time and place. This information is posted to a users wall on their Facebook profile. The user is credited for the extra activities with gold.
  • The main task of the game is complete all the objectives. The objectives can be viewed on the top right hand side corner of the screen.

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