Sunday, February 6, 2011

Design Requirements for Creating a Facebook Application that Encourages Physical Activity

These are design guidelines I have derived from studying all the different aspects for creating such an application. By the end of the project I will evaluate my design requirements to my results.

My design requirements are....

1. The Application should be fun
- A user should forget they are doing more physical exercise just be doing it to participate in the game because they enjoy it.

2. Support Social Influence
- Make the progress of a user visible on their Facebook wall
- Encourage friends to participate together

3. Make Every One Equal
- Equal opportunities for all players no matter of background
- Avoid Segregation of players
- Don't use avatar's
- Make a users actual progress/physical activity private but publicly portrait it through the game positively

4. Have a Fair Rewarding System
- Have short achievable tasks and also long term tasks
- Do not over reward user's for accomplishing the short task
- Make it clear how the reward system functions
- Any device measuring a users physical activity has to be accurate

5. Consider Practical Constraints
- A user shall not have to carry a new device for your application
- A application should encourage balanced exercise appropriate to a users ability

6. Facilitate Leadership for Novice Players
- Have tutorials explaining system
- Do not have an intimidating environment such as GYM, swimming pool etc incorporated into your application

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