Sunday, April 17, 2011

YourCity Online on YOYO Games

Added: 17 April 2011
By: sdliverpool
I planned on having the game using the instant play feature on the YOYO games website but it is disabled at the moment for some reason. Instead the game has to be down loaded from the site. Game maker have released a new version Game maker 8.1 two days ago that rectified this issue but I used Game Maker 8 and due to time constraints not modifying my game to Game Maker 8.1. This was an issue for administrating the game but I overcame this issue by a 5 digit code system. The volunteer tells me their step count and I give them a 5 digit code for their earned energy unit. Different codes for each day. Any member of the public or any of the volunteers can access the game online and download it to their PC. The down load is a zip file that consists of an executable of the game and the files generated for each of my volunteers.

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