Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Testing my concept

I sent out a survey a few weeks ago to try get my target audience. I needed people that were sedentary and played social games. I got 11 suitable volunteers. I then gave 8 willing volunteers a questionnaire (Ralf Schwarzt & Britta Peaner derived the questionnaire) to find out their self-efficacy levels towards fitness. I divided the group into 2 groups a) high level of self efficacy b) low level of self efficacy. Each volunteer was given a pedometer. 
I was provided pedometers by Breda a supervisor in CIT's GYM. She had previously used them in a pedometer challenge for the college. I text each participant for 4 nights in week 1 documenting their step count for each day. In week 2 I will request their step count and then reward the user by crediting them energy in the YourCity beta game. All participants will be given a questionnaire after the test to see their opinion on the system.

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