Saturday, April 2, 2011

Options for creating the product for the thesis

a) Use an off the shelf game 
A game already developed on Facebook or the internet using flash. The game would be a city-building simulation game. I would have to be able to add virtual goods to the volunteers games depending on their step count. This would cost me money as I would have to pay for the virtual goods myself. To monitor the step count I would have to use an off the shelf pedometer also which I would have to manually collect the step counts each day off the volunteers. Using these pedometers validity would be comprised as the pedometer would not reliable for accurate results.
b) Create a simple flash game
I would follow a tutorial and create a suitable sort of flash game. It would more than likely not be a city building game as planned. I would have to be able to administrate the game also to add rewards for reaching their step count goal. I would still use an off the shelf pedometer to measure a users step count.

c) Make concept models
These would be prototypes with just a front end working. his would be the most successful way to portraying the concept to people. This could be done using dreamweaver for the facebook app and xcode for the phone app. I could also use Microofts powerpoint to present it.

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