Sunday, October 31, 2010

Persuasive Technology in Martial Arts

I had an informal meeting with my Martial Arts instructor Frank Murphy about how could technology help teach or improve a person's martial arts skill. We discussed that if you could have sensors on a boxing bag measuring punch per minute or something of the sort it could improve peoples speed and accuracy. It wouldn't necessarily improve a person's technique as that would have to analyzed by a professional instructor but still could be very effective. I also discussed this sort of idea involving a boxing bag with Paul Green in a formal meeting on Wednesday evening in his office. What I propose to do is have sensor's connected to the boxing bag and using flash to maybe display it on a screen that gives a user feedback. Also I could have the program giving the user instructions what to do (Hook, jab etc) and having a leader board for speed for certain programs. 
                        I think this could also encourage more people without a boxing background to use a boxing bag as part of their work out. As they would have a aim and be given instructions to what to do. As I am unfamiliar with flash I'm not sure what I could do with it but I would like to try have an avatar resembling the person hitting the boxing bag on screen copying their punches and kicks.

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