Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"A Innovation Eco-System"

On Monday the 1st of November we were invited to a private open day of the Nimbus Center on the Cork Institute of Technology campus, for masters and 4th year students of the multimedia department. The Nimbus Center is Ireland’s premier Business Incubation Center. The aim of the Nimbus center is to "Establish a one-stop-shop for innovation which is embedded systems for indigenous industry in the Cork region". They give the chance for young entrepreneurs to make their innovation ideas a reality  while also giving them the opportunity to work with Industry. The center is involved in multidisciplinary  projects as it uses CIT facilities and staff. This facility only opened in 2007 and has been an instant success. The Nimbus center has a staggering 65 researchers/postgraduates and 70 different company partnerships. It has two designated groups  within in the center Research groups and Industry groups. 
Research Groups include
- Adaptive Wireless Systems
- Smart System Integration

Industry Groups include
- Technologies for embedded computing

After the presentation we got to meet Kevin O Mahony a student who is doing his PhD in the Nimbus Center. Kevin has accomplished a MA in Media Design as he was the first student to do our course. He demonstrated his Multi-touch Meettable. 

I found meeting Kevin very beneficial as he gave me good advice for the course as its different talking to some one who actually has done the course in comparison to lecturer's who are more to guide us in the right direction.

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