Friday, November 5, 2010

Interactive Torso

Made from blow moulded polyethylene plastic, the Slam Man will absorb punches and quickly return to its original shape. Designed to withstand a heavy pummeling it will work well during all temperatures. Fill the base with 240lbs of sand to gain ultimate stability, ensuring that whatever you throw at it the Slam Man will remain sturdy.

Has the following features......
  • 5 boxing programs
  • 3 training levels
  • 8 target lights
  • Performance feedback
  • 10kg when empty
  • Fills with 240lbs of sand
  • Includes instruction DVD, boxing gloves and boxers eating plan
  • Stands up to any beating you can inflict
What I noticed from the Slam man it is more like a beep test with outputting lights that the user hits. I would rather see the the torso giving out instructions to the user that they would follow.

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