Sunday, November 28, 2010

DEIS elearning Department

On Monday the 22nd of November were given a talk by Shane Croinn a Senior Multimedia developer for DEIS elearning department.The talk was very informative as it consisted of an insight into DEIS's current and past projects and a general framework when dealing with clients. We were given a quick background story of the company which has 4 employees at the moment. As being a student in CIT I always associated DEIS with the blackboard system online for the college and I didn't associate them with anything else. Ciaran was quick to outline their commercial projects they were previously involved in such as citibank and postbank (finical elearning with video and green screens), O2 (Assesment Modules), vodafone (Explaining offers to employees) and AIB (Marketing Animations). They are currently working on Flagship EU (Language practice with a networking platform using ELGG) and HDSLR Video (Shooting & Post production for a CIT Promo). He explained the framework for dealing with customers.
  1. Brief with customer
  2. Quotation
  3. Contract
  4. Project work begins
  5. Client review
  6. Sign off

This was a good insight into a CIT based company who deal with commercial projects outside the college. Shane also informed to us about Enterprise Ireland and their participation in new and upcoming small businesses. He also explained about their innovation vouchers just in case we wish to start up our own business. In conclusion I found the talk very informative and interesting and id like to take the opportunity to thank Shane Croinn for coming in and giving the talk.

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