Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Your very own Tron Cylce

You can get your very own Tron cycle now just before you go to see TRON : Legacy the remake of the Dusney classic TRON.This is the creation of Florida bike shop The Parker Brothers Choppers it is one of the 10 street-legal Tron Light Cylces. It was created from scratch using images from online to design it as in the movie it wasn't actually created just virtual as The Parker brothers "Keeping in mind, no one ever made this bike before" stated. It consist's of a steel-frame, fibreglass bodywork and a V-twin engine from the Suzui TLR1000 and all the essentials such as brakes etc to make the vehicle street-legal. The Tron is weighting in at 474 pounds with a leght of 100 inches and 23 inches wide. The Parker brothers are selling these new pieces of technology at a whooping $55,000 each and there nearly all gone with just 4 left. You can view the testing stage of the Tron below.

VIA: Geeky Gadgets

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