Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jumo: Social Networking for Charities

This is Chris Hughes (co-founder of Facebook and Chief Digital Organizer for Barack Obama's presidential campaign) latest venture Jumo a social network focused on charities and non-profit organizations. Chris aims to create a social networking site to "do what Yelp did for restaurants" which is "to help people find them and evaluate them". Each charity or non-profit organization will have their own designated page  with relevant news articles, Twitter posts and YouTube videos. The website aims to give small charities and non-profit organizations a platform to be recognized on the world wide web and a strong media presence. Its not the first attempt to give charities ability to be recognized on a large media scale as there is already the Global Giving website and Facebook application that gives people ways to find charities. Chris claims that the website's purpose isn't about getting donations like Global Giving but to "deepen ties between its users and their favourite causes". You can give charities but each organization needs to be tax exempt to be able to access donations. This could be the solution for online donations as in 2009 there was $300 Billion donated and only 6% was donated online. 

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